Elizabeth Olsen Nude With Her Legs Spread

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“The Avengers” star and the Olsen twins’ younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen poses nude while spreading her legs wide in the photo above.

Now that her career has really taken off since she landed the role of “Scarlett Witch” in the extremely lucrative Marvel superhero movies, you’d think it would be enough for Elizabeth Olsen to put to rest her desperate need to try and outshine her older sisters Mary Kate and Ashley. However, by posing for shameful naked photos like the one above, Elizabeth shows that she is still as petty and insecure as ever.

We get it Elizabeth you felt neglected because your parents showered your older sister meal tickets with all the love and attention, but that is not a good excuse for making us pious Muslims suffer the sight of your sinful nude cock box like this. Besides if Elizabeth really wants to one-up her famous siblings then she should swear allegiance to ISIS, procure an AK-47, and blow that annoying Jew homoqueer Bob Saget to Jahannam… As her sisters only blew him to orgasm.