Dreama Walker Nude Scene From “Compliance”

The video above features actress Dreama Walker’s nude scenes from the film “Compliance”.

For those who have not seen this movie, “Compliance” is a lighthearted comedy based on the true story of an infamous prank call incident at a McDonald’s in Kentucky in which a man posing as a police officer called in and convinced the manager to strip search an employee on suspicion that she was involved in a theft. The caller then persuaded the manager’s boyfriend to spank the girl, and have her perform nude jumping jacks (to shake loose contraband) and oral sex.

In conclusion, this movie has quite a few laughs (especially the jumping jack scene), and with her monstrous inverted nipples Dreama Walker does an admirable job portraying this incredibly moronic bumpkin whore. Overall I give it 3.5 crescent moons out of 5.