Diane Franklin Nude Scenes From “The Last American Virgin”

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For this week’s “Throwback Thursday” we travel back to 1982 to witness Diane Franklin’s nude scenes from the film “The Last American Virgin” brightened and color-corrected in high definition in the video below.

Diane Franklin was a big star in heathen Hollywood in the 1980’s, starring in such films as “Better Off Dead” and “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, but she will always be remembered best as the 19-year-old with perky little titties and puffy nipples in this film.

As you can see from this video, “The Last American Virgin” is a movie about a not too distant future in which the great Satan US of A is such a degenerate cesspool that nearly no girls of breeding age are still virgins. In fact, Diane Fraklin’s character plays the last American virgin who tries to lose her virginity to some scrawny homofag half-Mexican guy. Unfortunately for Diane the tiny crocked limp-dick of this tank top wearing soy boy fails to puncture her maidenhead, and she is reduced to tears at the end of the video when she realizes that she is still technically a virgin.