Chloe Bennet Nude Magazine Outtake Leaked

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“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” star Chloe Bennet poses completely nude in the outtake photo above from a recent magazine shoot she did for “Nerd Masturbation Fodder Quarterly Review”.

After Chloe Bennet subjected us righteous Muslims to the sight of her sad saggy tit sacks and sinfully silky smooth shaved lady lips in this photo, there is no shield in the world that can protect her from the hail of stones that we will rain down upon her when Islam finishes conquering the Western world.

After seeing this naked Chloe pic the only thing that is keeping me from vomiting up my smoked lamb pita sandwich lunch all over my keyboard is imagining that she is standing in front of that white wall awaiting a mujaheddin firing squad for her numerous crimes against morality. In fact, my massive tunic snake stirs from its pious slumber at the thought of the AK-47s going off and the beautiful red stain that will be left on the blank white canvas behind her.