Chloe Bennet Fully Naked With Her Legs Spread

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“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” star Chloe Bennet poses fully naked with legs spread in the photo above.

I don’t know what sort of superpower Chloe Bennet pretends to have on that stupid Marvel show, but her nasty busted looking sin slit certainly appears to have a supernatural ability to induce nausea in us pious Muslim men. In fact, I’m going to need a shield to protect my computer from the projectile vomit if I glance up and see her rotten cock box one more time.

Yes Chloe Bennet naked and airing out her revolting lady cave is clearly a serious threat to humanity. Thankfully us Muslims have our own group of superheros made up of Captain Qur’an, Iron Sheik, Sharia Man, and of course The Osama, who’s mighty beard turns green and grows longer when he encounters apostates and whores such as Chloe Bennet. Against such an awesome ensemble of righteous Islamic power not even Chloe’s rancid nude stink hole stands a chance.