Catching Up With Kylie Jenner’s Boobs On Snapchat

The video above is the full version of 17-year-old mudshark Kylie Jenner’s latest Snapchat video featuring her partying with lesboqueer model Cara Delevingne and showing off her bulbous teen titties.

As you can see from this video and the Snapchat photos below, Kylie Jenner is clearly chomping at the bit to get started in the family business of prostituting her nude body on camera. And with her 18th birthday only 3 weeks, one can expect to be seeing Kylie’s bare breasts and banged out sin holes within the next month.

However, let us hope that Kylie does not delay and shows off her sex organs before her father Caitlyn decides to leak his nude photos, in the hope of being awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery. As the sight of Caitlyn’s mutilated cock box will surely cause mass blindness, suicide, and an ocean of vomit that will put an end to civilization as we know it… This wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing of course, but it would be nice to finally get a peek at Kylie’s busty gypsy chest meat before the world ends.


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