Carla Quevedo Nude Scene From “Affluenza” Brightened

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The video below features Carla Quevedo’s topless nude scene from the film “Affluenza” brightened and in HD.

Carla Quevedo comes from the degenerate Mexican nation of Argentina, so it is not at all surprising to see her doing such an excellent job of playing this rich boy’s maid “Lupe Consuela Sanchez” in this film.

In fact, this movie’s storyline revolves around the lives of rich “limousine liberals” in California who love nothing more than their precious low wage third world workers. For why pay uppity American whores $10 an hour to scrub toilets and tongue polish meat poles, when you can get South American sluts like Carla to do it for half the price. Certainly the savings are worth putting up with their annoying accents and stinky lady tacos.