Cardi B Nude Stripper Videos Uncovered

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It has just been revealed that renowned Grammy nominated recording artist and the musical genius behind the hit song “Bodak Yellow“, Cardi B worked at a gentleman’s club where she “popped her pussy” for dollars.

Yes as you can see in the recently uncovered nude stripper video above, Cardi B (the she-boon in the blue) twerks her ass cheeks while revealing her booty hole causing the primitive male Sub-Saharans in attendance to chimp out and toss their money in the air in lieu of feces.

It certainly is shocking that an immense talent and celebrated musician who is nominated for no less than two Grammys this year would behave in such a manner. What is next are we going to find out that Sir Paul McCartney use to suck for bucks, or that Bob Dylan slung crack rock?