Britney Spears “Make Me” Nearly Nude Deleted Scenes

The video above features the recently leaked deleted scenes from Britney Spears’ “Make Me” music video, which were deemed “too sexy” to appear in the final cut.

First off the premise that Britney Spears could ever do anything “sexy” let alone “too sexy” is completely ridiculous… Not to mention that the idea that Britney rubbing up on a bunch of homoqueers, and then nearly nude wearing pasties while covered in red paint in a cage is in any way erotic is beyond comprehension for us pious Muslims.

The only way these deleted scenes could be even remotely “sexy” is if Britney were covered in her own blood instead of red paint… Or better yet if Britney was in that cage covered in gasoline and there were was a righteous ISIS warrior holding a torch next to it. Now that would definitely be a “hot” video us Muslims could flog our mighty tunic snakes too.