Brenda Song Thong Bikini Photo Shoot

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Former Disney star Brenda Song shows off her wares in a thong bikini in the photos below.

This is certainly the most revealing photo shoot family friendly TV series star Brenda Song has ever done, but it does leave some important questions unanswered. For instance is Brenda “so horny”? Will Brenda “sucky-sucky” for 10 dollar? And most importantly will Brenda Song “love you long time”?

Until Brenda Song gives us a better idea about who she is by answering these questions it is hard to say what her value is as an oriental woman, and whether Brenda should be assigned to work in the brothels or the poppy fields when Islam conquers Asia. Even though we do already know that Brenda is good at math, is a shitty driver, and has a horizontal vagina capable of reproducing at a rate almost equal to that of our incredibly fertile Musliminas.


celeb-jihad, brenda-song celeb-jihad, brenda-song celeb-jihad, brenda-song