Brenda Song Nude Photo Outtake Released

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Former Disney star Brenda Song shows off her sinful slopehead snatch in the nude outtake photo above.

This time Kim Jong-un and the North Koreans have gone too far! For it is one thing to develop nuclear weapons and the intercontinental ballistic missiles needed to righteously deliver them into the heart of the great Satan United States. However, unleashing slutty slant-eye Brenda Song on California’s shores like this is a clear war crime, and far beyond anything even the most sadistic of our brave mujaheddin would ever even consider doing to our enemies.

Yes after seeing this nude photo of Brenda Song us pious Muslims now agree that North Korea is a dangerous rouge state, and appeasement is no longer an option as they must be met with overwhelming force. To that end we have dispatched a caravan of war camels East to take care of this yellow menace. In 6 months when they arrive in North Korea rest assured that they will easily subdue their rice ball of a leader, and his head will be stuck on a spike and paraded through the streets of downtown Pyongyang.