Blake Lively’s Bikini Scene From “The Shallows”

Blake Lively is certainly one of the most underrated harlots in heathen Hollywood, as you can see in the video above of her bikini scene from the movie “The Shallows”.

Unfortunately despite having a halal body worthy of serving in a Muslim’s harem, Blake has inexplicably instead chosen to appear in crappy movies and become the full time beard of flaming homoqueer actor Ryan Reynolds. Clearly Blake is severely deranged, for no woman in her right mind would shun a virtuous and fulfilling life of serving at the feet of us virile and ruggedly handsome Muslim men to spend her days using a big black strap-on to peg Ryan in his foppish Canadian fanny.

Yes Blake Lively is yet another example of infidel female talent that is being completely squandered. When Islam finishes conquering the West our sex stables will overflow with top quality trim like Blake that we liberate from the clutches of the Zionist controlled entertainment industry.