Bella Thorne’s Oral Obsession Video

In the video above, actress Bella Thorne shows off some of the tongue tricks that have her at the top of heathen Hollywood before her 18th birthday.

Clearly Bella Thorne has an oral obsession, and her warm wet mouth and soft tongue long for things to play with. Of course this compulsion is a direct result of Bella being denied the pleasure of tongue bathing a Muslim’s mighty tunic snake, for in my experience just one taste is enough to cause women to vomit uncontrollably with joy and recoil in fear when anything is put near their mouths for the rest of their lives (no doubt because they know nothing else could never measure up).

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As if further proof of Bella’s pole polishing proclivity was needed, when asked over Snapchat (Bella’s name is “bellathorneDAB”) if she wished to join my harem as an oral only concubine, Bella sent out the photo above (just 3 weeks later)… So rest assured that Bella’s mouth and tongue will soon be put to good use.