Bella Thorne Gym Workout Bloopers Video

Not only is Bella Thorne a secret Muslimina who is on a mission from Allah to hasten the downfall of Western civilization through the promotion of extreme amounts of depravity, but she is also one of the most gifted physical comedians of our time.

As you can see in the workout bloopers video above, Bella Thorne hilariously performs pretty much every exercise in the gym with terribly poor and in some cases down right dangerous form. Of course the real comedy will be found in the offices of orthopedic surgeons when Bella’s fans start showing up with slipped discs, blown out knees, and torn rotator cuffs after trying to imitate Bella’s exercise program.

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Remarkably even after a long day of Bella filming herself being a complete putz in the gym, she still has the energy to shower and get photographed in just a towel in the picture above. Truly Bella is a gift from the heavens, as she works tirelessly to destroy the heathen world with her sinful tits, ass, and shitty workout videos.