Bella Thorne Films Herself In A Bra For Snapchat

Bella Thorne once again shows off her boobs on Snapchat, as she films herself in a bra in the video above.

Clearly Bella is dying to expose her bare teen titties to the world, but is being restrained by her greedy kike agent who is hoping to get a few extra shekels by having Bella do her first nude scene in a movie.

Well Bella’s agent better get her a role in which she can “unleash her talents” soon, for as you can see in the Snapchat photos below Bella is not happy about having to keep her tit mounds restrained for the current movie she is filming.

celeb-videos, celeb-jihad, bella-thorne

celeb-videos, celeb-jihad, bella-thorne

Of course us Muslims would gladly give Bella a chance to appear topless on camera… Only it would be a different type of topless, as she would be on her knees in an orange jumpsuit with a mujahedin holding a scimitar standing behind her.