Ashley Tisdale’s Tight Ass Is Making A Comeback

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Former Disney star Ashley Tisdale’s round ass and tight little body have made a dramatic comeback, as in recent weeks she has flaunted her butt cheeks in the bikini photos above and her tanned taut frame while swaying her hips in the video clip below.

Clearly Ashley hopes that by whoring her world class booty meat she can build her name recognition up and climb her way back into the spotlight… And with Disney announcing a “High School Musical” television show, Ashley is no doubt eyeing a recurring role on the series.

Of course Ashley better hope that they are casting for a banged out lunch lady, or a slutty old English teacher that won’t stop sexting with her male students (and some of the female)… For at 34-years-old this decrepit degenerate has been rode hard and put up wet far too many times for any other role on a TV show geared towards “young adults”.