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Ariel Winter’s Big Boobs Set A Bad Example

18-year-old Ariel Winter sets a horrible example by showing off her big underboobs in a slutty pink dress during her high school graduation party.

Believe it or not in the hopelessly depraved Western world some girls look up to celebrities like Ariel Winter as role models. Certainly by using her shamefully immodestly large breasts to promote the blasphemous idea of female education, Ariel is setting a terrible example for her female followers.

Girls are simple-minded base creatures who require the strong hand of a man (their father’s until they turn 9 and get a husband) to guide them and keep them from sin. When girls are encouraged to think for themselves (as the ridiculous Western educational system mandates) then they inevitably turn into tremendous whores. This is illustrated quite clearly in the photos below, as not long after her graduation Ariel Winter was photographed covered in tattoos and leaning back on the hood of a Trans Am with her legs spread open waiting to get railed by some strange dick.