Ariana Grande’s Booty Tour Continues

As you can see in the video above, Ariana Grande’s booty tour continues to wreak havoc across the country.

Despite being issued numerous fatwas, Ariana Grande simply will not stop prostituting her tight posterior onstage while squawking into a microphone over shitty techno beats in concerts throughout the continental United States.

Clearly Ariana’s out of control ass is the result of it having never been properly subdued by being sodomized by the enormous manhood of a virile Muslim. Rest assured that if Ariana were to receive a powerful Muslim butt banging, she would no longer feel the need to constantly showoff her tiny round hindquarters (and not just because she would be forced to wear adult diapers after the extreme stretching of her rectum made her incontinent). Is there a brave Islamic warrior amongst us willing step up to plate and viciously pound Ariana’s poop chute, so that we no longer have to suffer being subjected to these types of brazen backdoor displays?