Ariana Grande X-Rated ‘Love Me Harder’ Sex Music Video

An X-rated sex music video for Ariana Grande’s hit song “Love Me Harder” has just been leaked online.

As you can see in the video above, Ariana Grande takes this infidel’s pathetically small manhood in her mouth and tight little lady hole while musically yearning that he were man enough to “love her harder”. Unfortunately for Ariana she is never going to get the vicious pounding she so desperately desires because all Western men lack the raw masculinity to properly sex a woman.

Of course if Ariana wore the burka and performed field work like a righteous woman she could experience the unimaginable pleasure that comes from being violently taken by one (or more) of us virile Muslim men. Unfortunately for her she is a degenerate coal burning pop whore, so she will have to continue crooning on about how much she needs hard sex in depraved music videos such as this one.