Ariana Grande Tries Out Some New Sex Positions

Pop star Ariana Grande appears to try out some new sex positions in the graphic sex tape video above.

As we all know, Ariana Grande has long been a devotee of the “doggy style” (also known as “camel style” in the civilized Islamic world) sex position, as she spends a good deal of her time on her hands and knees.

Of course Ariana’s penchant for doggy style sex no doubt originated back when she use to get her sin hole slammed by savage Sub-Saharan rappers. For the dirt skins are known to have a strong preference for the position, as it affords them the opportunity to rifle through the woman’s purse for cash and menthol cigarettes.

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Unfortunately different sex positions don’t appear to be the only thing new with Ariana, as she is set to make her nude calendar debut in 2020… And according to sources who have seen a preliminary copy, the May photo will feature Ariana’s herpes sore riddled snatch.