Ariana Grande Still Flaunting Her Ass On Tour

It seems like every month we have to release a new compilation video (like the one above) of Ariana Grande flaunting her tight little ass onstage.

One might think that all Ariana Grande ever does is travel around the world parading her perfectly round booty in tiny skirts to the delight of her depraved fans but you’d be wrong, for Ariana probably also brushes her hair sometimes… and poops… though to be fair her BMs almost certainly smell like fresh baked cinnamon rolls.

However, it is clear that Ariana Grande does spend a good portion of her time brazenly displaying her taut hindquarters, and I fear that she will continue to do so until she gets her rectum split open by the mighty thrusts of a Muslim’s enormous meat scud. For once Ariana’s anus is a hollowed out shell of its former self she will learn the value of humility… because if she tries to bend over her colon will prolapse out of the gaping hole that use to be her sphincter.