Ariana Grande Naked While Eating A Strawberry

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Ariana Grande gets completely naked while eating a strawberry in the photo above.

With its immodestly bright red exterior and sweet juicy innards, strawberries are certainly one of the most sensual and thus haram fruits, so it is not surprising to see a whore like Ariana Grande enjoying one while posing in the nude.

However, what is surprising considering Ariana’s love for the dirt skins, is that she is not also eating a piece of watermelon. Perhaps with this photo Ariana is conveying that she is no longer attracted to the primitive AIDS-ridden spear chuckers, or perhaps Ariana just has the watermelon stuffed firmly up her gaping ass for maximum effect. Either way until Ariana starts eating dates while in burka, she won’t be getting anything but righteous scorn from us pious Muslims.