Anna Kournikova Flashes Her Vagina GIF

celeb-jihad, anna-kournikova

Heathen commie ruski Anna Kournikova is trying to turn the world socialist by showing her Bolshevik pussy.

As you can see in the animated GIF below. Anna Kournikova is not even subtle about flashing her shaved tight pink commie cunt for the world to see. That is because she is a socialist and as a socialists she believes her vagina belongs to the community and should be shared by all. A revolting thought!

celeb-jihad, anna-kournikova

Anna Kournikova thinks that by showing her Bolshevik snatch she can cause the proletariat to rise up against their capitalist masters, issuing in a new era for Communism.

Nice try Anna but Communism has already failed to beat Capitalism. The only proven cure for capitalist imperialism is Islam. As the Taliban had proven in Afghanistan, by resisting any sort of industry and maintaining only the very basic standard of living like Allah commands.

Islam, not Anna Kournikova’s pussy is the answer to the world’s problems.