Anna Kendrick Proudly Posing Fully Nude

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Actress, singer, and sassy chipmunk faced whore Anna Kendrick proudly poses fully nude in the photo above.

This sort of brazen self-confidence is of course a symptom of the West’s pathetic feminized self-esteem society, in which everyone wins a metal and homely looking girls like Anna Kendrick are told that they are “beautiful unique snowflakes” and that anyone who says otherwise is simply a jealous “hater”.

However, thankfully us Muslims have no bullshit social constraints and so we can tell it like it is, and Anna Kendrick is one fugly skank with an overbite that probably causes her to suck dick like a cheese grater. Add to that the fact that she acts quirky and irreverent and you just know that her pussy probably stinks like wet garbage behind an Indian restaurant.

nude-celebs, celeb-jihad, anna-kendrick

Speaking of which, if you scratch your screen and sniff the nude Anna Kendrick photo above be prepared to question the existence of a loving God that would create a stench so vile.