Aly Raisman Nude Outtake Photo

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Gold medal winning US Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman shows off her hairy lady cave in the nude outtake photo above that was just leaked online.

As you can see, Aly Raisman is a fine specimen of a woman who any red-blooded Muslim male would love to have chained up in his barn. For if Aly’s powerful thighs are capable of holding up these enormous cement blocks, than they could certainly pull a fully loaded cart miles uphill to market, or drive a plow through even the toughest patch of earth.

Of course as with any large powerful beast one must be careful not to get kicked when one is behind Aly branding her meaty rump with a hot iron or sodomizing her anus hole with a gigantic manhood. For one swift back kick from Aly could certainly result in some serious damage, especially if she is wearing horseshoes to protect her delicate hooves.