Alison Brie Finally Poses Topless

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Alison Brie, the busty star of “Community” and Smirnoff vodka spokeswoman, finally poses completely topless in the photo above.

This topless Alison Brie picture has been a long time coming for she has used these tits to carve out quite a career for herself in heathen Hollywood despite the fact that her voice is really annoying and her face is way too Jewy.

Of course the only positive thing that can be said about this Alison Brie topless pic is that Smirnoff did an excellent job in selecting Alison as their celebrity spokeswoman, for after seeing her saggy breasts us Muslims would definitely need a bottle of vodka to get with her… not to drink of course but to smash over her head to silence her nasally babbling and improve her appearance.