Alicia Agneson Nude Scene From “Vikings”

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The video below features Alicia Agneson’s nude scene from the TV series “Vikings” brightened, color-corrected, and enhanced.

Believe it or not us pious Muslims find this “Vikings” show to be quite halal, for it accurately depicts the base degeneracy of Western Nordic infidels… With viking vixens like Alicia constantly flaunting their nude bodies while being floozies in the fjords.

Thankfully Alicia comes from Sweden, which has a progressive government that has made it a top priority to lure as many civilized Islamic men into their barbaric backwoods country as possible with promises of generous welfare and immunity from sexual assault prosecution… And many brave and virile Muslim warriors have taken up the call, as they culturally enrich the sin holes of taut Swedish sluts like Alicia in school bathrooms and back alleys throughout Stockholm.