Alexandra Daddario Sideboob Nude Scene From “Baked In Brooklyn”

Alexandra Daddario shows her bulbous milky white sideboobs during a nude scene for her new film “Baked in Brooklyn” in the video above.

These Hollywood movies are getting too ridiculously outlandish, for it is beyond absurd to expect an audience to believe that a woman like Alexandra Daddario would let a hooked nose Christ killing dweeb like this “David” character within ten feet of her, let alone that she would have sex with him.

Clearly this “Baked in Brooklyn” film is some sort of vanity project for a hebe to live out his fantasy that one day his nasally Jew charms could land him a woman of Alexandra’s caliber… And not surprisingly IMDB says the writer of this film is one “David Shapiro” (the same name of the main character), who no doubt got the money to make this movie as a bar mitzvah gift from his rich Zionist producer uncle.

If Alexandra Daddario could make the sexual chemistry (vomit) in this movie even remotely believable then she is the greatest actress of our time, and she deserves to win 10 Oscars, 6 Gold Globes, and 3 Grammys (just for good measure).